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Monitoring & Verification

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Monitoring & Verification: Sustaining Your ECMs

Monitoring & Verification is critical to every World Energy Innovations project. It ensures Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) perform according to design intent. This service combines metering and sub-metering strategies with intelligent energy control systems — our Global Controls.

Monitoring & Verification is a strategy that turns our designed energy system into an infrastructure platform for continual improvement. It ensures:

  • Projected energy savings are met or exceeded
  • Proper system operating schedule and performance according to design intent
  • Critical maintenance performance
  • Individual system components continue to perform optimally
  • Continual improvement based on accurate, complete performance data

Monitoring & Verification includes:

  • Daily reviews of system performance data
  • Notification for equipment failure or other critical indicators, with swift corrective action
  • Monthly on-site visits for physical equipment inspection to verify maintenance and performance
  • Warranty on all installed equipment
  • Detailed weekly, monthly and annual energy reporting
  • 24-7 access to World Tech Services

Our continued involvement also allows you and our engineers to dialog about the Energy Conservation Measures’ performance and identify potential improvements.