Energy Innovation
Waste Heat Recovery

World Energy Innovations specializes in waste heat recovery. Our systems often use hydronic loops that transport low-grade heat throughout a facility or campus for use in building heating strategies, cooling strategies, domestic hot water and other loads requiring heat.

Heat Recovery Technologies- Liquid Chimney

Hydronic loops are ideal because every person, machine and electronic device produces heat that our systems use to offset HVAC fuel requirements:

  • Heat produced can be recovered for domestic hot water and HVAC.
  • Cogeneration can be used for electricity, heat recovery and absorption chillers to provide more efficiency per BTU of fossil fuels.
  • Cogeneration can provide an uninterrupted supply of DC power for lights, computers and motors with a greater efficiency than AC power.
  • Recycled energy can be directly substituted for fossil fuels in a hydronic system with building pressurization.
  • Heat can be recovered from sewer systems and water heated through use in production lines.

World Energy Innovations’ waste heat recovery strategies helped earn Shearer’s Foods the world’s first LEED Platinum rating for a snack food manufacturing plant. The BTUs needed to produce tortilla chips at its Massillon, Ohio, plant were reduced by 30 percent. Recovered rejection heat offsets most of the need to purchase energy for heating the facility during the winter.

Learn how this innovation was used in energy systems designs for General Motors, Goodyear, Ford Motor Company, Ocean Spray and Shearer’s Foods