Public housing complex saves $1.5 million annually with new energy system
Will Rogers Courts


Will Rogers Courts is a U.S. Urban Housing Development facility operated by the Oklahoma City Housing Authority since 1966. It consists of 86 buildings housing a total of 365 apartments for economically challenged families. Energy efficiency projects at public housing developments such as Will Rogers Courts can reduce taxpayer costs in providing essential housing services.


World Energy Innovations was recruited by Oklahoma City officials to provide an energy system to Will Rogers Courts after they saw founder and CEO Tom Kiser receive a presidential award for similar work at housing projects in Ohio.

By shutting down the apartment complex’s central steam powerhouse and developing a closed hot water loop distribution system for energy delivery, World Energy Innovations provided sustainable energy solutions. The central steam generator and 30 chimneys were shut down in the process.


The Will Rogers Courts project yielded $1.5 million per year in energy savings for the Oklahoma City Housing Authority, following an initial investment of $4.9 million. Additional savings are realized through costs avoided for maintaining the old energy system and its 17 miles of underground piping and steam traps.