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Lighting Solutions

As a technology firm and solutions provider, World Energy Innovations is all about innovation. Our portfolio of alternative technologies extends to Lighting Solutions that stand out from conventional lighting. The equation of energy needed divided by energy purchased build is the principle driving our system design.

We base our lighting design technology on power supply-free, low voltage 24 VDC rather than using high pressure, higher voltage AC current with a power supply that converts the AC current to low pressure DC current.

Our system design delivers what’s needed directly to the load with:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Greater reliability
  • Improved lifecycle

World Energy Innovations received a national lighting design award from the Illumination Engineering Society for our Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center lighting system project. MSKCC was also recognized among hospitals at CleanMed, a Practice Greenhealth conference, with a Top 25 Environmental Excellence Award.

The low voltage DC current solution also achieved another important objective of unloading existing AC electrical currents. The reduction in heat generated by conventional lights also measurably reduced the air conditioning chiller tonnage required to cool the facility.

World Energy Innovations also designs lighting solutions for high bay manufacturing facilities. We deliver value by:

  • Reducing energy use while providing better lumen output
  • Reducing electrical consumption
  • Removing internal heat gain associated with lighting
  • Eliminating maintenance that requires the use of lift trucks

Our innovative lighting systems’ improved lifecycle and reduced operating and maintenance costs make this technology a winner for manufacturing facilities.

Value, benefits and advantages of WEI lighting design technologies:

  • Low voltage DC
  • Class 2 wiring
  • Self-powered wireless control using EnOcean technology
  • Ease of reconfiguration of lights and controls
  • Seamless integration with BMS systems
  • No conduit
  • Reduction of AC lighting circuits
  • Reduced installation cost

Whether contemplating new construction or retrofitting aging infrastructure of an existing facility, contact WEI to see how we can engineer a solution customized for your application.