Energy Services
Energy Assessments

Your Road Map to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

World Energy Innovations begins a project by developing a robust energy profile of your facility or campus through our Energy Assessments.  These assessments analyze your utilities and identify opportunities through our feasibility study that is an in-depth, top-to-bottom approach.  This process will catalog where and how energy is used and lost as waste and develops customized concepts specifically for that facility that establishes the business case which can be submitted for capital allocation requests.

The study enables you to see a baseline of the energy you purchase or produce on-site compared to your actual energy load needs. It outlines:

  • Current energy consumption and waste
  • Current greenhouse emissions
  • Water requirements and waste
  • Actual energy needs
  • Average weather conditions and their impact on energy needs
  • Energy requirements per occupancy patterns and production cycles
  • Potential Energy Conservation Measures

Our Waste Heat Recovery and Renewables innovations can result in a system that has you paying for less energy than you need.