Energy Innovation
Global Controls

World Energy Innovations knows the key to energy efficiency is controlling system components as an integrated system. Instead of designing centralized solutions that run at peak capacities, we use distributed system components networked together to a performance control system — Global Controls.

Intelligent, dedicated energy system for holistic energy efficiency performance of a confined space

This means system components provide input on actual energy requirements and other factors in real time. Global Controls algorithms can optimize energy delivery and use as weather conditions, building occupancy and energy load demands change. Global Controls also record and archive performance data used in Monitoring & Verification. These mechanisms allow us to guarantee and validate our systems’ performance.

Global Controls continuously:

  • Monitor and respond to interior and exterior temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speeds and direction
  • Ensure system components operate to meet actual energy demands rather than overproducing
  • Adjust smart discharge heads in the HVAC system to optimize heating and cooling
  • Monitor and control all ventilation equipment (e.g., process exhaust fans, general exhaust fans, unit heaters, etc.)
  • Ensure system components are turned off or scaled down during non-occupancy
  • Alerts  your personnel and us to equipment or performance issues

Global Controls alone produce significant energy savings and maximize the benefits of a project’s Energy Conservation Measures. Data recorded can be used to optimize performance over time and provide a solid baseline for determining the real value of all present and future energy efficiency projects.

Learn how this innovation was used in energy systems designs for General Motors, Goodyear, Ford Motor Company, Ocean Spray and Shearer’s Foods